da trip to Mich

9am Est. The train trip was going so good, we even early at most stops until: We left Chicago on the Twilight Limited on time. half hour later we
were still in Chicago about a mile from the station, we finally get moving and then make it about 40 miles into Indiana where we get stuck behind 10, yes
count them 10 freight trains that are stuck on the same track due to a malfunctioning switch, some 3 hours later we get moving all at a blazing speed of
around 15 miles per hour! I was scheduled to get to Ann Arbor at 11:26pm and I actually arrived at 3:15am… Team 2FG was there to pick me up even though he had to be at work in a couple of hours…..·· While we were sitting in Union Train station in Chicago, we were watching CNN and one of their news alerts pops up with a new terrorist threat: yes you guessed it! TRAINS is the newest threat, OH JOY! That’ll pucker you up in a hurry! And of course all the poor people of Mid-East decent were definitely getting the evil eye from everyone in the station…· Oh well I arrived and I’m having fun.. 2FG rides again!