See the 9.16.02 for info on the preceding events then check this out:

I was sitting on my crapper “reading” and I hear this noise above me thru the hole in my roof and I see eyes lookin’ back at me, the eyes were a pissed off squirrel and he let me know HOW pissed off he was at me for bothering him by chattering and knocking acorns and nuts down at me, imagine my surprise at this lil fella throwing crap at me, so I did what every red-blooded American male would do…· I threw my roll of TP at him and ran screaming from my crapper SQUIRRELLLLLLLLLLLL! Where my faithful watchdog sat outside my crapper and raised her head and looked at me with disgust for interrupting her nap! Thankfully the squirrel decided not to give chase, as I was armed by the time I got out of my crapper with my samurai sword and a pistol and was wanting to make squirrel sushi!!!!